Friday, January 9, 2009

United Once Again!

So I've arrived at Jeannette's in Tokuyama. I am surprisingly not very jetlagged, I fell asleep around midnight and woke up around 9 am, which is my usual schedule. Other than a couple scary sleep talk/walking episodes that woke up Jeannette, I slept pretty well.

I finally met Motto, Jeannette's Japanese boyfriend. He is super nice, and he is just so cute the way he is a little awkward and dorky just like Jeannette. We went to a tempura restaurant near Jeannette's. I had a bunch of veggies dipped in the batter and fried, but the best was the nest of shredded carrot.

In terms of Hanoi, I think an apartment will finally work out, after having another apartment not fall through. This time, it's with a Canadian couple who lived in Montreal for a while.

It's strange to think that my life has pretty much changed now. I'll never be able to go back to Montreal, to my apartment and to my boyfriend. This isn't a vacation. It's just the next step in my life.

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Rebel said...

That looks like fun (and super yummy!). I know what you mean about not getting to go back. I was thinking about this today (I'm still in stage 2 'I hate everything' culture shock) and part of me desperately wants to go 'back home' to my apartment, sit on my couch and watch TV with my cat... but literally, all of those things are gone. Even my cat. =( So there's no 'home' to go back to. But it's okay, because I've created a bit of a home here... and I'll create a new home someplace else someday. Humans are adaptable like that.

I hope the apartment works out well!