Sunday, January 11, 2009

Field Trip to Yamaguchi City in Pictures

We relaxed and dipped our feet in one of the city's foot onsens. After a while it get pretty crowded, but everyone was chatting to each other. It seemed like a big community thing, there was even a couple with a month-old baby!

Jeannette is obsessed with trying every weird flavour of soft-serve. This one is soba-flavoured.

Lighting an incense at the Pagoda in Yamaguchi.

People would leave offerings for the spirits, I think this one is for children. Yes, that is a doughnut.

The Pagoda.

Me and Beth, a fellow Canadian eating at this delicious macrobiotic vegetarian organic restaurant.

Instead of eating, you can always opt for a martini glass of these yummy green pills, that are much better than eating a basket of plastic fruit and vegetables.

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