Saturday, April 2, 2005

Bush should drink the water

The United States plans to make it legal to spew tonnes of toxic untreated water , but this doesn't seem to be much different than what's happening in Montréal during really rainy periods, though there are initiatives at correcting this. Seems our two countries are heading in different directions...

Thursday, March 24, 2005


I' m not really sure how these blogs work. But i'll try and eventually figure it out. Here's something i wrote in the last couple of days:

The clock ticks
seconds - then minutes pass.
The walls crack
The heater hisses
I'm enthralled in my solitude.
The ashtray is inundated with cigarettes
-The sweet ashy aroma permeates through the dense air.
My stomach growls at the empty fridge
And the twitch in my hands cannot cease.
Overcome with fatigue,
i will crawl into my bed
-and forget today.

As you can see the end-of-semester crunch has greatly affected me.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Little Burgundy

So today Sarah and i went to this new vegetarian cafe in Petit-Bourgogne. Interesting how we talked about the "Evils" of gentrification while walking to the resto, eager to participate in its "evil" by-product (ie- really great restaurants).After eating we followed Notre-Dame through Petit-Bourgogne into Griffontown and then to Cite Multimedia.

I never really realised the extent of gentrification around that area (esp. St- Antoine and de la Montagne). To quote Sarah it's like it's happening in our backyard while the blinds are down. It was like we were in a different city. Especially around Cite Multimedia where there really isn't anyone walking around at night, it has a very eerie feeling to it. I'd like to visit it during the day to see what type of atmosphere it has.

I suppose if choose to live there instead of the suburbs, it isn't such a bad idea. We'll have to see if mixed-use commercial development springs up as a result of all these new residents.