Sunday, January 9, 2005

Little Burgundy

So today Sarah and i went to this new vegetarian cafe in Petit-Bourgogne. Interesting how we talked about the "Evils" of gentrification while walking to the resto, eager to participate in its "evil" by-product (ie- really great restaurants).After eating we followed Notre-Dame through Petit-Bourgogne into Griffontown and then to Cite Multimedia.

I never really realised the extent of gentrification around that area (esp. St- Antoine and de la Montagne). To quote Sarah it's like it's happening in our backyard while the blinds are down. It was like we were in a different city. Especially around Cite Multimedia where there really isn't anyone walking around at night, it has a very eerie feeling to it. I'd like to visit it during the day to see what type of atmosphere it has.

I suppose if choose to live there instead of the suburbs, it isn't such a bad idea. We'll have to see if mixed-use commercial development springs up as a result of all these new residents.

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