Monday, December 4, 2006

Art Review

Montréal's metro is full of art. It stands out among only a couple cities worldwide in terms of accessible art. Many people have noticed this piece of art (shown above), in the Guy-Concordia metro station. It is a very fine example of post-deconstructionist mixed media art. The resolution of the photo is not superior, but you may notice stalactites. The artist used this to explore the mobility of mankind (taken in its context -the metro). From low-mobile cavemen (hence the mineral deposits) to the fast-and-efficient metropolitan dweller.

It seems that there was quite some controversy surrounding this piece, as the Canada Council for the Arts apparently forked over some 20 000$ to the artist. The artist's name was not made available by the STM. The only indication is the initials 'MC' in the upper-left corner.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Summer in Montréal

Back when i lived in Massachusetts, i used to try and come to Montréal twice a month. I missed my friends and family, but most of all i missed home. I think this photo was taken back in 2002.