Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello from South Korea

I am in Seoul, waiting for my connection to Hanoi. I have about 4 hours to spare, but only about 20 minutes on my laptop... and no adapter plug on me to charge it.

If I can add on to my recent post about becoming increasingly fearful of flying, it's as if every flight I take without plunging into the Earth increases my chance that the next flight will be the flight of doom. To make matters worse, I, the only white person on the flight from Hiroshima to Seoul got stuck with the emergency exit seat. I was afraid that each time I tried to pick up a fruit with my chopstick was a chance that my elbow would unlatch the door and we'd all be sucked out at 35,000 feet over the East Sea.

At least I got a meal on the 1.5 hour long flight.


Jeannette said...

After you left this morning I told Motto your Shink was at 9:24...he panicked because according to his watch it was 9:26. We thought about what to do, maybe run to the station to help you figure out your way to Seoul. Motto was like, "I shouldnt have let him go alone! I knew I should have gone!" Because, like all Japanese, he thinks gaijin cant do anything on their own.
Anyway, finally I realized you had to leave my house at 9:24 and your train was actually at 9:34...right?

Jonathan said...

That is really nice of Motto. I made it on time, i think the train was at 9:29.

Anyways, i'm here, and so everything is great ;)