Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Starting the Internship

I am now at my second day of work. There is a lot of review that I have to do before I can really have a good idea of how the organisation functions and to become familiar with all of its projects and activities. So far everybody is extremely nice and welcoming towards me. We had a briefing meeting where I was introduced to everybody and everyone went around and introduced themselves and their projects. There are about 20 or so people working here, and all of them are Vietnamese except for me, another Canadian and an Australian (vegetarian) that I have yet to meet.

So far, I am extremely happy with this job. I have a feeling that I will really enjoy these next couple months. There is so much to learn. They gave me a desk right next to the window. Every 20 minutes or so I turn my head and look out to the city from this 16th floor office and grin. I just can't believe I am here.

I have been so incredibly busy these last couple of days just meeting people and going out for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks... hopping on and off motorbikes whizzing around the busy streets. With work and plans every night until Thursday, I am really looking forward to some relaxing time during the Tet Holiday.

I have yet to cook a meal in this country. Everything is so inexpensive, it's hard not to resist restaurants. I have been eating quite well. As a contrast, in Japan I had been eating a lot more junk stuff like tempura and fried things because that's about all I can find. Yesterday I went out for lunch with all my co-workers, and there were about 20 small plates of food that we picked off of and a bowl of rice. I ate string beans, tofu, cabbage salad, some pickled vegetables and salted peanuts. It felt light but satisfying. I think I can used to this. Tonight I will be going out for Chinese BBQ with a German vegetarian girl and her team at a UN organisation. Apparently there are a lot of veggie choices.


maTT said...

For the new readers like myself. What is you job in Hanoi. What is you general purpose of being there.

could you link a ealier entry that might answer these question.

Jeannette said...

Oh sorry, next time I wont make tempura. I'll try and dig up some string beans, tofu, cabbage salad, pickled vegetables and salted peanuts...and a big bowl of rice. Might be hard.

Mariam said...

You going to the beach over Tet?

Jonathan said...

Matt - Noted. I didn't know i had any new readers that weren't friends and family. Welcome!

Jeannette - Thanks. It was more a reflection on what i am eating not of what i wanted to eat while i was in Japan!

Mariam - I think i may just stay in the empty house and relax!

Seth said...

Hi Jonathan, found you from your comment on my blog. If you're still in town, and anything is open tomorrow, maybe we can get lunch or something. I'm really close to Ha Thanh, so that might be an option. But it sounds like you might know more good places for vegetarian food than I do. Let me know what you think. I'm on gmail. fishercommaseth.