Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waffles and Fundraising - The Perfect Combo

It started with a George Forman G5 Next Grilleration Grill. This amazing machine was sitting in a box in my parents basement. As with every single gadget my parents buy (including the fruit dehydration appliance I bought my mom when I was 10, and she never used), it had never even been opened. This sweet machine has five interchangable panels that can turn it instantly from a pannini press to a griddle to a waffle iron.

When you are vegan, there are certain things that very rarely come across. For some unknown reason. waffles is just one of those things. I suspect it's because it requires a device that usually only makes - waffles. I can tell you when the last time I had waffles: Jeannette and I went to New York City in 2004 and ate brunch at the Candle Café. And I can tell you, they were not the best (and I later found out their dinners are amazing).

The night I took home the G5, I decided i was making waffles for dinner. I called my fellow culinary friend Sarah, who though does not cook regularly, loves cooking together and is adventurous enough to try almost anything. I instantly become hooked. But something lacked in the recipe I found. It lacked the essence of a Belgian waffle (which I found out includes 'butter', sugar chunks, 'butter', yeast and 'butter').

I found an amazing recipe and then announced a waffle party would be going down the upcoming Saturday. It was the success of this waffle party which brought many friends together under one roof enjoying the warm butteryness of smooth waffles interrupted only by the occasional crunchy sugary clump that reminds you that life can sometimes be rewarding.

Okay, sorry I got lost there. It was actually Simon, who suggested that I could use the mesmerizing waffle as a fundraising tool. Why not make brunch for people, and ask them for a donation in return? Everyone loves brunch!

I made a Facebook group, and set up 5 brunch events until I leave for Vietnam. Every week, the brunch changes: waffles, pancakes, scrambled tofu and cornbread, french toast. I ask for minimum $10 for the full brunch (including coffee, fruit and juice) and minimum $15 for the full brunch and 2 mimosas. If my friends want more mimosas, they are $2.50 each.

I would say that the brunches have been very successful (I've raised $275 from three brunches with around 7 people each time). It's been great having people come together for brunch, and even greater to know that there are people that support you.

Great big thanks to everyone who has come to a brunch over the past month!

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Jeannette said...

I wanna waffle. They dont got em here and they probably wont have em in Vietnam.

Pack the grill, Jon.