Monday, December 8, 2008

Roadblock #1 : Costs

It is not cheap. Nothing is cheap. And going to a far away country to volunteer for 4 months is not an exception. My original budget estimates brought in the total cost to around $3,000 Canadian. I wish. Much like government expenditures, my budget has totally 'mega-hospitalled' to $4,000.

Here's a rough list of what I have estimated and spent already:

Airline ticket 1900
Travel clinic 194
Travel Visa 197
Rent in Vietnam 800
Food 400
Transport, other, etc 300
Health Insurance 250
Last Minute Items 100

total 4141

While I have incredible saving capabilities which allow me to save up money pretty fast, time limits and a relatively low paying job require more super-hero abilities.

Or fundraising.

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Reese said...

wow thank god you have a brother who's great at getting things done ;)