Thursday, December 18, 2008

Haircut Fundraiser: Haircut-a-Thon a Success!

Photos by Reese

The Haircut-a-Thon organised by my brother was a success! We managed to raise $139 to my Vietnam internship fund.

We had an awesome hairdresser, John Paliotti come and offer haircuts with a price range of 25-40$ depending on hair length. For every haircut, 10$ went to the Vietnam fund.

I made vegan coconut espresso-chocolate chip cookies and my mother made pizzele that we served to people. As well, we sold mimosas for 2$ each.

It was pretty easy to organise, my brother had organised everything using a Facebook event. People clicked on 'Attending' for the event, and my brother asked them to pick a time for the appointment. They were pretty much back-to-back.

I've been wondering what reason my brother has taken an interest in me going to Vietnam, and why he has chosen to help me so much (as you can see in his blog, hot guys and Victoria Beckham is more his cup of tea). In any case, I'm very thankful for his help, as well as John Paliotti and all the friends who supported this event.

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Reese said...

Check out my blog I just posted the pictures. my 800th post! Yay!

And I helped so much cause I'm good at that shit.