Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I pass by Holt Renfrew almost everyday on my to school, and cannot help but look inside their window displays. They always have something interesting that makes me think of things i know were not intended. Here are the pictures of their last display, which they just recently replaced. I'm not sure what their intentions are, but there is definitely a message. I really don't know what to call it (maybe just post-modern, or post-post-modern) when advertisements critique the pervasiveness of advertising... Which is what i see in this display on the left. I mean, you open the door only to be greeted by a giant ad? I like it though. I think Holts' displays are creative, and begs to question where art ends and marketing begins...

I guess i'm trying to create some sort of discussion on this. Is it corporate art? Is is art? Or is it just ad space? What do you think of it?


Jeannette said...

I see it as a company that is willing to pay for people who want to push boundaries. I think all art should be for money, anyway. So, if you label yourself a "fine artist" or a "advertiser" or a "designer" or a "cashier" it doesnt matter. If you look at something and little thought bubbles creep out of your brain, it is art enough for me!

Ariel said...

Hi Jon,
Thanx for visiting my blog.
To answer this post's question, i don't think we should give much thought to displays. Sure, there's some pretty ones.. and they may be saying something, but what they'remost saying is "buy these products". Which, just adds to "mass consumerism"... which i don't agree with.

To answer your comment on my "Logo" post.. i can't, because i don't understand French. Sorry.

Studying urban planning and environment must be very rewarding. I considered architecture as a career, but i realized i'd just be working for other people all my life, and not helping out the people that most need shelter, so i didn't.

I'll defenitely come back to see new topics though.. thanx again.


sarah said...

mentos hired dtrbo, a montreal artist, to do "mentos pop art" just this past week or so