Sunday, March 25, 2007

Could Montreal Learn?

Paris has decided to develop an extensive network of bike stations, where it would be almost free for someone to rent a bike. The plan calls for a bike station about every 250 yards. There are similar systems set up in Lyon as the article mentions, and i'm pretty sure Copenhagen has one as well (which works on a refundable deposit). Considering it is being done in Paris, where the terrain is not always flat (think Montmartre), could this be done in Montreal? The Montreal mayor last year was revelling at how modern Paris' new tramway was, and quickly claimed he would do the same in Montreal. Is this bike-lending network likely to be the next 'victim who never had a chance'?

Of course in our city, avoiding hills is not exactly the easiest. Kristian at Coolopolis has suggested that Montreal can benefit from a Trampe. A bike lift that can transport lazy bikers up hills. I would suggest that anybody who doesn't want to bike up a hill shouldn't be on a bike, but it this device could surely help bring biking into the mainstream.


Jeannette said...

Jesus Jon, I wouldnt even walk uphill.

Angelo B. said...

I don't know if this will work in Montreal. With the number of bike thefts still pretty high in this city every summer, I think that this city is still pretty immature as far as cycling is concerned.

my heart is made of gravy said...

Jon, are you the guy who wouldn't sleep with Jeannette.

Shame on you!

sarah said...

i love this idea :) especially because i don't have a bike right now.
Re: Angelo
But wouldn't an effect of this program be a decrease in bike theft? If bikes are being provided cheaply by the city, then wouldn't there be less of a market for the cheap stolen bikes? And I'm assuming these bike stations have a more sophisticated locking system, which would be added security.

Jeannette said...

RE: Gravy Man
OMG, you're totally stalking me! But no, it isnt Jon who rejected me. He puts out for me anytime.


Anonymous said...

Any idea to help get cars off the road... and bikes in, i support.

*regarding people riding up hills.. walk your bike.

But ultimately cities need to be made with the idea in mind of less-car pollution(ie. not having everything you need 20 blocks away so you HAVE to have a car)

Where have all those mom and pop stores at each corner of a neighbourhood? (*Oh i remember.. they're in the ground! ;)