Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UFOs and Climate Change: Who Would've Thunk?

I'm not sure if this is old news, as i've been out of the loop for a couple days, but a former Defence Minister says that UFOs could hold the answer to stopping climate change. I wonder if he also supports the legalisation of recreational drugs. God i love Canadian politics, although this is just as loopy as many things coming out of American politics (just more fun and less fear).


Anonymous said...

Why do you even let those puppets ruffle your feathers? Its all a game of (DEAL or NO DEAL) The only people who can make a change is the people with power and money. May those people of power and money have the strength to look inside. After all the strife to obtain prestige they all look inside and find nothing at all. They are all looking for money inside cases.
What ever happened to looking inside for your heart and soul. Trading the next case in hope it has a bigger piece of heart. And soul That is the answer.
"Who wants to be a Millionaire who makes a difference in the world."

(USA)has started the extinction of society.
It makes me ill knowing I have no choice but to watch and listen to their sickness polluting the world.
Demented, crazy, FUCKING down right insane

Not sure if I can handle much more.
The"if you can't beat them, you mise well join them" is not working for me anymore.

Not sure what road I should turn down next, when all I see is a blocked surface in my face ever night and ever day. $$$USA$$$USA$$$USA$$$$


scott w. gray said...

hey there - just thought i'd let you know i linked to this post on midnight poutine. it offers a great counterpoint to the debate coverage. you can see it here: