Thursday, March 8, 2007

Québec Votes

It's strange how this commercial encouraging people to vote has a 'green' image to it. Considering this is supposed to be from the non-partisan Directeur Général des Élections du Québec. You know the Charest administration had nothing to do with it considering they are not 'green' (although they love to think so).
I can't imagine the farmer (i'm assuming he is part of that 3%) voting for Charest unless he wanted highway 30 cutting through his land.

It just makes me want to vote green.


Jazzy said...

You don't vote green? I like pink.

Jeannette said...

Well, a highway could produce profits when he and his children sell mais sucre on the side of the road.

Jon said...

haha. True Jeannette. When it becomes summer we should drive to the countryside everyday to buy fresh corn and berries.