Friday, April 20, 2007

Daryl Hannah is My Friend...

Since i quit reading The Gazette, my news is usually acquired piecemeal throughout the day. What does this leave me to do in the morning? With my café latte in hand i read other people's blogs, my e-mail, and most importantly surf wikipedia. And don't pretend like you have no idea what that is.

Don't ask what chain of information led to Daryl Hannah, but it turns out she has quite an intriguing life. The star of the 1980's Splash, and my favourite character from the Kill Bill series lives off-grid in the middle of the Rockies and drives a car fuelled by used cooking oil. I guess it gets a little boring up there, so she regularly updates her blog, which is mostly videos about green technology and such. She descends back into civilisation (or rather cruises down with a trail of french-fry scented dust in her wake) to interview people in the environmental industry.

I haven't had time to watch her videos extensively, but it is worth watching for the opening sequence. This has her strolling through nature around (what i assume is) her eco-lodge, and rolling around in the grass.

Amazing what guilt Los Angeles' hedonistic self-indulging lifestyle can conjure.


sarah said...

is that what your brother is planning on doing too? ;)

Jeannette said...

i heard about a game today where two people sit next to each other on separate computers and have a wikipedia race by starting on one random word and seeing who can get to the predecided other random word first

so what are you and jazz doing tonight?

Reese said...

alicia silverstone is your friend too. she is on the cover of INSTYLE HOME talking about her exo friendly home and such. here's a link: