Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Years Resolution?

I bought the book Montréal Resto À Go-Go by Sarah Musgrave. I actually asked for it for christmas, and never got it (not necessarily asked but made it extremely obvious that i wanted it) . Basically it lists "200 cheap and fun places to eat and drink in Montréal." I've looked through a lot of it and already put marks on the places i would like to visit. They are all bars so far, which really tells you where my priorities are...

Here's the list of bars i would like to visit in the next year. Consider it a New Years resolution, in February:

Bily Kun
Cheval Blanc
Dieu du Ciel
Le Ste-Élisabeth (shouldn't it be La?)

Any more suggestions?


Jazzophile said...

No, it shouldn't be "la" being that it designates a place. If it was "la" it would necessarily designate the person (or character, whatever).
"Le" actually makes it clear that it designates the place. For example Le Resto Ste-Elizabeth; LE bar Ste-Elizabeth, etc.

Jazzy said...

OMG Jon! I can't beliefed you thinked it could have beed la! Don't talk to me anymore.
Where's LE cheval blanc?

Jeannette said...

Can I go to some of them with you?