Friday, September 11, 2009

Lao Trip Part 2: Kayaking in Pictures

Day One: we had no idea what was in store
We also didn't know we'd be eating delicious vegetarian food off of a banana leaf.
The team.
Along the way we passed many random Lao sightings. Kids fishing, families bathing, livestock...
It started to rain at one point. This is me and Lélé. We bickered about half the time, but quickly smiled for this rainy shot.
Day 2: right before we went into a complex of rapids. Not the scariest, I only thought I would die about 2 times.
I think I got a urinary tract infection after this swim
At the end of day 2, it also started raining.


Reese said...

Yum the food looks good!
Were there fish in the water?

Rebel said...

OK - are you serious about the UTI because there was this Grey's Anatomy episode about a fish that swims up your hoo ha if you pee in a river.

But... I think it was in South America.... and well, it was Grey's Anatomy.


Jonathan said...

Reese: Yeah, there were definitely fish. People were fishing.

Rebel: In fact, one of these fish might have swum up my hoo ha. Hehe.
But seriously I hoped people would think the UTI thing was a joke, but it really did happen. I don't know if a fish went up there, but whatever it was was killed by the broad-spectrum antibiotics I took afterwards.

Rebel said...

Glad to hear it's all cleared up. That was a particularly scary episode of Greys ;)