Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Montreal - Harvey's

Veggie burgers in Hanoi lack a lot. I have yet to come across a veggie burger there that isn't some sort of sloppy mishmash of vegetables, batter and usually cheese (yuck!). Oh. And fried.

Even outside Vietnam, no veggie burger comes close to what you can get at Harvey's. Canada's answer to fast-food giants Burger King and McDonald's, Harvey's grills your burger on an open flame right in front of your eyes. And they have stations set up where you can dictate to a worker exactly what you want going into your burger.

My veggie burger was constructed with tomatoes, onions, pickles, hot peppers, lettuce, mustard, and barbecue sauce all stacked between a whole wheat bun. I skipped the fries so I could stuff down two of these. Here's some photos to help you salivate.


Jeannette said...

I hate you.

Timelrie said...

OMG I wanna go to HARVEY'S I haven't been in forever!! Another place that I've been told that makes really good Veggies burgers here is Lafleurs but they are fried

Tabitha said...

Would you believe that on Friday night, Sarah came over to our place to compete in The International Veggie Burger Challenge?

She made a mexican style black bean burger with salsa, and Nathan made the "mashed vegetable" kind that you so hate (which is, incidentally, the Australian style of veggie burger, so you're pretty much offending my whole nation).

They were both excellent, and much better than anything you can get at Ete or Puku (but obviously not Harvey's). You will have to enter the Challenge upon your return.