Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photos from Guangzhou, China

Diep and I find this cute café that sells Chinese sweet soups, very similar to Vietnamese chè. I had black sticky rice, young tofu (or silken tofu), and coconut milk. Not as delicious as Diep's green tea jelly cubes in young tofu flavoured with almond!

Beijing Street - one of the main commercial streets in Guangzhou. Just a big shopping mall with cobblestones. It was interesting to see this display (in the photo) where is exposes the foundation of a road that dates back 3000 years. Another view of Beijing Street.

Diep in the side mirror of a tuk tuk. There is something strange about being on a tuk tuk - arguably a remnant of a less-developed country - in streets lined with glistening and modern skyscrapers.

Here we were eating at a Vietnamese restaurant in China, after passing the border. Consistent with the Vietnamese attitude toward China, here are our bowls and plates. Sterilised and wrapped in plastic. And then they give us hot tea to further clean all the items.


Rebel said...

Looks like you're having a blast! =) I'm still too chicken to try the jelly/soup/desert type things they have here.

Jeannette said...

Motto buys thoughs Chinese desserts. My reaction: "This isnt dessert."

Josie said...

I'm a little worried about what to feed you when you come for Xmas...Dad's going to move out..

Jonathan said...

Rebel - You should definitely try them before you leave! I can't believe you'd eat a curry doughnut, but not these delicious gooes.

Jeannette - My exact reaction. But after a while they become dessert. And some of them are pretty sweet. Think of it as a pudding-thing.

Mom - Don't worry. I am looking forward to eating real food when i come back to Montreal for Christmas. Please don't make these things!